Ask an Adviser - Should I Invest In The Stock Market Or Property In The Wake Of The Pandemic? (3)

I got lucky and sold all my investments at the top of the market in late 2019. Now I am sitting on cash and wondering what to do with it. I have 15 years until retirement and would be prepared to non-concessionally contribute to topping up my super although I have a very healthy balance already. I would also like to gift a substantial amount of the balance to my two teenage children. I was considering encouraging them to invest through one of the robo-digital investing tools available online to take advantage of these depressed share prices, and also so they could build a nest egg to purchase an apartment in the next 10 years. However, I am also weighing up whether it would be better to purchase an investment property now given the likely impact on property values from COVID-19. What is your advice on gifting in general, and these proposed alternatives for the funds?

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