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Recent comments from customers to advisers

Recent comments from customers to advisers

  • Andrew Moody

    To: Andrew Moody
    From: Tim

    "We have been Andrew's clients for many years. We appreciate how he listens to our concerns and takes great care to explain advice, product and services. Andrew also takes into consideration our changi..."

  • Luke Marshall

    To: Luke Marshall
    From: Travis

    "Luke has helped me immensely with getting the most from superannuation and leveraging tax breaks and investments strategies to maximise our wealth generation"

  • John Mathiopoulos

    To: John Mathiopoulos
    From: Christos

    "John has helped me and my partner out in every way iv asked and is still helping me with everything always answers the calls an doesn’t take long to respond awesome bloke to deal with"

  • Donald Mcrae

    To: Don Mcrae
    From: Ilona

    "Don answered all questions above and beyond without time pressure, very understanding of my circumstances and the needs I have."

  • Glenn Fairbairn

    To: Glenn Fairbairn
    From: Ken

    "Glenn's personal easy approach and relaxed style underlines his technical knowledge; and, an outstanding clarity of communication to explain complex issues. A wonderful representative of Hewison's cul..."

  • Roger Sousa

    To: Roger Sousa
    From: Misha

    "Roger and his staff are always courteous and helpful but above all friendly and approachable."

  • Stuart Bates

    To: Stuart Bates
    From: Teresa

    "I have been a client of Stuart for many years, and he has aways taken the time, to explain with care, how I can manage my self funded retirement. He has always treated me with respect and has become ..."

  • Marybeth Banks

    To: Marybeth Banks
    From: Justin

    "Marybeth has been lovely to deal with and extremely easy to talk to. Sometimes busy, but always makes the point to respond as she can and well worth the wait."

  • Marybeth Banks

    To: Marybeth Banks
    From: Jodi

    "So easy to talk to and makes the feel in the room so casual. Very different to other advisers I've seen and couldn't recommend the services enough."

  • Simon Little

    To: Simon Little
    From: Ron

    "Good advice a pleasure to deal with"

  • Peter Hastie

    To: Peter Hastie
    From: Rob

    "Peter is excellent to deal with; he is very responsive to any questions, and takes the time to explain changes and recommendations. Peter also has the patience to deal with changes that I have reques..."

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