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In Brief: July Edition  

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13,000 or 16,000? Industry Questions Adviser Low-point Estimate

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April 29, 2021 by Tahn Sharpe, Professional Planner

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The numbers match predictions made by Adviser Ratings, which said in its latest Advice Landscape report that adviser numbers would fall from 20,764 at the beginning of 2021 to 13,154 by 2023 due to a confluence of pressures including the education mandate and a threats to insurance advice revenue.

A recent Professional Planner poll asking advisers “How low will registered adviser numbers go before they stabilise and start to grow again?” received a grim response; 17 per cent believe the number will reach 13,000 and a further 52 per cent said the number would fall below 13,000, giving a total of 69 per cent that see adviser numbers falling to at least 13,000.


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