Alan Lake

Tax Accounting and Super Centre

26 Yrs Experience
Clayfield, QLD 4011

If you had control over your time and money, what would you choose to do? Have I got enough money to retire? What would retirement look like for me? Firstly, let's be clear, I believe “retirement" is the wrong word to use as it conjures up an idea that once you stop working you go home and do nothing. Over the years, many of the clients I have worked with don’t want to retire, instead they frame it as simply wanting to have more choices over how they spend their time. They want to choose to do more of the things that they enjoy doing and less of the things they have to do. Therefore if retirement is really just having more choice, there are a lot of people who don’t know how much money they would need to live their version of a life with choice, or even how to start planning for it. For me, I enjoy working. I enjoy meeting new people, learning about them and then helping them setup their own financial pathways that will give them choice over how they can spend their time. Who do I enjoy working with? Life is interesting and dynamic. I really enjoy hearing the stories about how businesses were started, the stories around the building of assets and the dynamics around family groups. I love hearing about people's lives and their careers, their hopes and aspirations, their challenges and achievements. I have clients that work in some really interesting fields and hearing their stories about overcoming challenges and the lessons learned are always inspiring. The clients I work best with are: Those who know they need a hand (and I’m also an accountant) to plan for their future; Those who are self-motivated. They will do what it takes in order to reach their goals; Those who have some degree of complexity in their financial lives (I love solving problems); Those who have an interesting story or two to share about a life well lived (one of the best parts of my job). What sort of help can I provide? Asset and wealth protection; Investment and superannuation planning; A five to ten year plan in the run up to that time in life when you choose what to do with your time (or as some people call it "retirement planning"); Aged Care - Perhaps that time has come for someone you love and you need help with the numbers. Estate Planning - the time to sort out your estate planning is before you need it, because the day you need it - it's too late. Want to know more? Give me a call: 0410 463 356


  • Government Assistance
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance Protection
  • Managing Debt
  • Retirement & Pension
  • Self Managed SuperFunds
  • Aged Care
  • Growing Assets
  • Wills & Estates
  • Budgeting

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Tax Accounting and Super Centre

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