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Stuart Long

Symmetry Financial Coaching and Connecting Pty Ltd

8 Yrs Experience
Peregian Springs, QLD 4573

A little about me… I like to travel, socialise, eat out and drink… usual stuff I know, but this is why I came to Australia and settled on the Sunshine Coast. In 2008 I packed a bag, took twelve months out from my accounting job in Manchester and went to see some of the world. As you all know Australia is a fantastic place, and I feel privileged to live here, in this beautiful environment with my partner and two energetic kids!

My values… I am a huge believer in honesty and respect. Treating people with timeless principles like honesty and respect contributes to healthy relationships and long-standing friendships. Not only in business but in your personal life too.

Why a Financial Adviser? At school I was always good at maths, it came naturally. I’m not pumping up my own tyres, but I have always been able to add up. This led to me studying a degree in Accountancy and Finance; on completion of the degree I pondered if this was right for me? Compliance in this arena is more about looking backwards and my preference is to look to the future and the endless possibilities. Financial planning seemed the right fit; helping people by using my core values to achieve their financial goals, no longer looking back but helping people plan for a future they desire.

Financial planning really relies on building and gaining trust. Being able to gain someone’s trust is an attribute you learn to build over time, and it can only be enhanced by how reliable you are and how you perform. I would consider myself to be that person, the one who helps you get the job done, the one you can rely on. After all, we are talking about some of the most important decisions of your life, you need to feel safe and know you have a trustworthy relationship.

I’m always happy to sit down and run through your financial goals. When do you want to retire? Have you thought about it? The earlier you start, the easier it is… I know these are all cliché sayings, but it’s imperative to have these discussions and start thinking about the future you want.

Feel free to get in touch and let me know how I can help you make more possible.

At a glance

  • Adviser status Bronze
  • First year providing advice 2016
  • Years of experience 8
  • Highest qualification
    • Bachelor of Arts (Accounting and Finance)
  • Language spoken
    • English

Symmetry Financial Coaching and Connecting Pty Ltd

3 Conifer Court
Peregian Springs, QLD 4573

Licensed by

Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd

AFSL 236523