Dan Testa

Findex Advice Services Pty Ltd

8 Yrs Experience
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Daniel is a strong believer in living life to the full and enabling his clients to do the same.

He brings a holistic approach to financial advice, combining his extensive experience within the banking and financial planning sector with a strong empathy for people and for making the world a better place, shown by his tireless support of mental health initiatives.

It’s this grounded perspective that has established him as a sought-after senior adviser and leading figure within the industry and naturally led him to join the tribe at Tribeca.

Both share a desire for people to live their ‘Good Life’. In Daniel’s own words, ‘my Good Life is not dictated by money, it’s about giving to others & enjoying a life of experiences rather than possessions.

For a financial adviser, that’s pretty refreshing.

What’s also refreshing is the open, honest, and upfront approach taken by Daniel and Tribeca.

No surprises. No hidden costs. No spin. Something that can’t be undervalued, especially in uncertain times.

Everything is focused on supporting, educating, and empowering clients to take control of their finances and in turn their choices. To give clients a strong sense of security and freedom. To offer financial wellbeing.

This means it’s not just about improving the client’s financial position. Of course, that’s important. But financial advice should be much more than that. It’s looking at building the life every client wants, prioritizing what is most important at each stage of that journey, and creating a roadmap to make it happen.

That’s real, effective, and meaningful financial advice. Understanding completely the immediate and long-term goals of each client, and developing a relevant and realistic plan – together.

It’s what Daniel puts his heart and soul into every day.


  • Superannuation
  • Insurance Protection
  • Managing Debt
  • Retirement & Pension
  • Shares & Investments
  • Financial Hardship
  • Aged Care
  • Cashflow & Income
  • Tax Strategies
  • Growing Assets

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  • Adviser status Silver
  • Rating 4.84
  • Number of reviews 8
  • First year providing advice 2016
  • Years of experience 8
  • Highest qualification
    • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Language spoken
    • English

Findex Advice Services Pty Ltd

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