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Small Business First and Adviser Ratings

Editorial General, Superannuation, Savings & Investments, Small Business 17 Nov 2016

Press Release: 15 November 2016, Small Business First, Fairfax Media, Macquarie Radio Network, Channel 7

Adviser Ratings has struck its first landmark agreement via an exclusive referral scheme with Small Business First, designed to connect small businesses across Australia with access to qualified, professional financial advisers on its platform.

Leveraging Small Business First’s reach of up to 500,000 businesses, the deal will see a significant portion of Adviser Ratings’ 23,000 advisers – who fit specific skills, professional and geographic location criteria – accept referrals from those seeking financial planning services.

Commenting on the agreement, Adviser Ratings Managing Director, Angus Woods, says: “Small business owners and their employees make up to 70 per cent of the Australian workforce, making this a significant and healthy step in ensuring financial advice becomes more accessible for hard working Australians.”

“Not only a win for small businesses, the referral scheme also provides select Adviser Ratings advisers with a stream of new business opportunities within their local region/area – a great incentive for specialists already on, or looking to join the platform.”

Backed by David Koch, also an investor in Adviser Ratings, Small Business First is an online platform dedicated to helping small businesses run their operations more efficiently. Having launched in October, Small Business First has secured exclusive deals and offers for its members, including signed agreements with Energy Australia for energy services, Square for payment hardware, Moula for small business loans and Veromo for business registration services.

Small Business First Managing Director, Rajhev Rajkumar, says: “We know that one of the biggest challenges for small businesses in Australia is planning their finances. It can become stressful at times which is why it’s critical for small businesses to think about financial planning from day one, if they want to succeed in the long term and keep their staff happy.”

“We’re excited about our partnership with Adviser Ratings as we’re both driven by the mission to help Aussie small businesses be more successful. Their mission to drive trust and transparency in the financial sector makes them a strong platform to engage with, as we look to offer greater financial services to our members.”

The referral scheme will be implemented across both Adviser Ratings and Small Business First platforms from early December.

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