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Recent comments from customers to advisers

Recent comments from customers to advisers

  • To: Damien Walder
    From: Peter

    "Absolutely brilliant! Made it easy and got a great result. Will be recommending him to friends and family in the future."

  • To: Bill Savellis
    From: Sarah

    "Having never considered my super before, Bill patiently and clearly explained different concepts and options that were easy to understand and tailored to me. He is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. Thanks Bill!"

  • To: David Linco
    From: Kimberley

    "David explained everything in a really easy to understand way. At first, all the insurance jargon was very overwhelming, but David broke it all down and explained in a easy and kind manor. "

  • To: David Linco
    From: Simon

    "David has been very helpful to me and my girlfriend in helping us set up our funds and raise money for our house. If you look up 'how to find a good financial adviser' David will tick all the boxes. He's Extremely honest and transparent, and genuinely eager to help."

  • To: Peter Alvarez
    From: John

    "Fantastic service, highly knowledgeable, proactive and delivers great results. "

  • To: Yosha Steeghs
    From: Grazina

    "We have been lucky enough to have Yosha as our adviser for the past 18 months and would recommend him to anyone looking for someone who is knowledgeable, efficient, personal, professional and most of all goes above and beyond with everything he does. The time and effort he spends on providing the right advice, with solutions to choose from and his patience deserves a special mention. I would recommend Yosha time and time again "

  • To: Yosha Steeghs
    From: Dean

    "Excellent advisor and I would highly reccomend to family and friends."

  • To: Lyle Greig
    From: Graeme

    "Lyle is good at assessing our situation, understands our needs and communicates clearly. He is able to translate more complex concepts into simple easy to understand ideas and explanations."

  • To: Liam Shorte
    From: Ann

    "Thank you Liam for your dedication and professional approach to all matters. Discussion and advice are always readily available and I would not hesitate in recommending Liam's services to any interested party."

  • To: Lyle Greig
    From: Julie

    "I have great confidence in Lyle because he is so passionate about his field and seems to have a deep knowledge and understanding of financial matters. He instills a feeling of trust which is so important for clients like myself, who don't have a great understanding of how the "finance sector" works and could easily be "ripped off". Lyle explains everything in simple terms but is respectful and never patronising. Lyle is innovative and constantly looking for new ways to keep his clients informed. "

  • To: Lynette Murray
    From: Linda

    "I find Lynette most professional in all aspects of financial matters and have felt very comfortable and trusting with her abilities and advice. I also find Lynette always takes a personal interest in me and my family."

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