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Recent comments from customers to advisers

Recent comments from customers to advisers

  • Nicholas Cowling

    To: Nick Cowling
    From: Ross and Susan

    "Nick has been looking after us for several years now and we feel very comfortable with all the advice and help he has given us to date."

  • Nicholas Cowling

    To: Nick Cowling
    From: Christine

    "My husband and I have had the pleasure of Nic Cowling's expertise for a number of years and feel his knowledge and guidance has been invaluable to us."

  • David Nelson

    To: David Nelson
    From: Eric and Liz

    "David and his team have helped us to manage our finances and prepare for retirement over a number of years which has enabled us to have a healthy and happy retirement."

  • Brendan Peach

    To: Brendan Peach
    From: Lin

    "Really enjoyed Brendan's patience and thorough explanations, particularly with my non-financial background. He was always happy to answer any further questions I had during and after our meetings and ..."

  • Marsel Popov

    To: Marsel Popov
    From: John

    "Very professional and takes a genuine interest in his clients.Seeks to understand individuals circumstances and needs rather than a "one size fits all" approach."

  • Paul Langdale

    To: Paul Langdale
    From: Brett

    "During the 15 years of my relationship with Paul as my insurance adviser, I have always sought his council when there has been a change in my personal circumstances , legislation changes or any finan..."

  • Muhammad Amjad

    To: Imran Amjad
    From: Malik

    "I have been retired for years with the advice provided by Imran. The way he had set up my retirement income and my investments, I have seen a steady income and growth in my accounts. His ongoing adv..."

  • Muhammad Amjad

    To: Imran Amjad
    From: Carl

    "I am fortunate to come to Imran for my insurance analysis. He has gone over the needs and now I am covered according to my needs. This feels so comfortable. He has also provided me advise on my bus..."

  • Muhammad Amjad

    To: Imran Amjad
    From: Muhammad

    "I had been struggling to get a super fund that works for me and have the right investment mix. Imran's guidance has made such a big difference for me. Now I know a professional is looking after my s..."

  • Muhammad Amjad

    To: Imran Amjad
    From: Jes

    "It was amazing how Imran had been able to reduce my premiums considerably for a better policy than what I had. With his strategies, I am able to achieve my goals and have peace of mind that I am well..."

  • Michael Sauer

    To: Michael Sauer
    From: Jennifer

    "Michael was very helpful and his advice was invaluable at a time when I needed help & support for a difficult situation. Michael was there for me during and after my financial crisis for which I am ..."

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