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Recent comments from customers to advisers

Recent comments from customers to advisers

  • To: Dennis DiBartolo
    From: David

    "Dennis answered all of my questions and explained his answers "ïn our language". Very easy to talk to and took a financial weight of my shoulders."

  • To: Peter Doohan
    From: David

    "Peter provides excellent, readily understandable information on a regular basis that has allowed us to achieve our goals with regard to wealth preservation and growth. David 4670"

  • To: Peter Doohan
    From: Gregory

    "Peter has helped me immensely to set up my Investment to Retirement package. I could not have done this by myself. I am greatfull that Peter has put this package together to help invest in Super & Tax benefits. "

  • To: Shaun Akroyd
    From: Mike

    "Shaun is extremely friendly and helpful. I have every confidence in his knowledge and attention to detail. Shaun's communication skills are spot-on - I know that when I email him, I will always get a prompt response. His help with the aged care 'minefield' has been invaluable to me and my family."

  • To: Paul Farrington
    From: Susie

    "I am extremely happy with what Paul has done for me."

  • To: Andrew Furlanetto
    From: Robert

    "very friendly and easy to understand. Andrew was able to Provide a solution to my needs by providing protection for my family"

  • To: David Armstrong
    From: Oliver

    "warm and friendly, knows his craft"

  • To: Hoa Tran
    From: Kris

    "Financial advice is a little like medical advice in my view - you really need to feel both comfortable and trusting of the person you are working with and that's how I feel about Hoa. She has given me sound professional advice (which is a given) but it is in the care and kindness that she has provided it with that has made her an important part of my 'life team'. "

  • To: Sarah Broady
    From: John

    "Sarah is knowledgeable, passionate, calm, friendly and is on your side."

  • To: Paul Farrington
    From: Gwen

    "I am very confident in Paul's ability to look after my financial affairs."

  • To: David Armstrong
    From: Debbie

    "I find David very easy to deal with. He has guided me towards my retirement goals in a very professional manner. I am much more comfortable about my financial future with his advice."

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