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Aon Cyber Risk Insurance Offer for Adviser Businesses

Editorial General 15 May 2017

Aon is proud to partner with Adviser Ratings to bring you an offer on Cyber Risk Insurance, for your advice business.

Cyber insurance can be confusing for businesses, so we have an expert team who are able to provide you with the appropriate cyber risk solutions and risk management advice to mitigate your exposure and enhance your business insurance coverage.

All the RIGHT Reasons to buy Cyber Liability Insurance*:

New Mandatory Breach legislation passed on Feb 13th 2017 making it mandatory to report a cyber-breach

Cyber-crime is the fastest growing crime in the world

Your client's data is valuable and you can be held liable if you lose it

Your reputation is your number one asset, so why not insure it?

It’s not just big businesses being targeted by hackers, but small ones too

Contact Aon for more information on Cyber Insurance or to organise a Cyber Risk assessment.

* Conditions apply. For full policy wording please contact 1800 805 191. © 2017 Aon Risk Services Australia Limited | ABN 17 000 434 720 | AFSL 241141. This information is general in nature and should not be relied on as advice (personal or otherwise) because your personal needs, objectives and financial situation have not been considered. So before deciding whether a particular product is right for you, please consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or contact us to speak to an adviser.

This article first appeared on Aon's business insurance site, reproduced here with Aon's permission.

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