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Editorial General 17 Nov 2017

Our Adviser Profile this week is Bob Nixon. Bob has been helping people with their personal finances since 1973, and is the Principal Adviser and Managing Director of Nixon Financial Services in Gisborne in Victoria.

1. Best thing about being a financial adviser?

For more than 44 years I have loved being on the job every day helping people to nurture and protect those that they love.  It’s a great feeling to work with people who really care about others.

2. One thing you would like to see improved or changed in the industry?

I’d like to see a system of financed ‘apprenticeships’ for new advisors so that they could gain experience to match their education before they actually become fully licensed to act solo.

3. The areas on their finances or economy that worry your clients the most?

The key question that I get from pre and post-retirees is “will I have enough to be comfortable”?

4. What's the strangest question a client has ever asked you?

I’d rather not say, it was embarrassing then and it would still be embarrassing now both to me and to the person that asked the question.

5. If you could get three things into consumers' heads about what advisers do or don't do what would they be?

a) Advisors help a person to develop a plan to go from ’A’ to ‘B’ and to enjoy their lifestyle with a degree of confidence in the ‘now’ and in their ‘tomorrows’.

b) Advisors can help to identify the pitfalls and opportunities that might not be visible to a person with limited experience in life. 

c) Advisors that care, really care. Advisors that don’t really care for clients first should not be advisors.

6. How do you describe your job at BBQs?

I am in the business of helping people grow their wealth, protect it and their lifestyle against loss and to pass as much of their wealth as they desire on to the next generation.

7. After such a long career how do you stay interested?

As I get older I am turning my focus and skills towards solving the financial stresses associated with the entry of a person into permanent aged care.  It’s a service that is in great demand and one that will grow exponentially very soon.  It’s a great new challenge for me and one that removes layers of stress from the families involved.

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