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A Novel on Financial Advice - Book Launch

Editorial General 03 May 2018

Adviser Ratings were lucky enough to attend the book launch of Vanessa Stoykov's book, ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-Somethings’. After two decades in the finance industry, Vanessa has combined her passion for finance and storytelling in her debut novel.

The book is a world-first within the finance industry as it’s told as a fable based on fictional characters. The characters are easy to identify with and they each illustrate multiple aspects of advice, without the jargon commonly associated with finance, offering a new and entertaining way to change people’s long-term behaviours for the better.

Vanessa’s passion – alongside many others in the finance industry – is to help people better their financial situation to achieve a better life. Unfortunately research highlights that there are still so many Australians who really need help, so she is hoping that this book proves useful as a tool to help as many Australians as possible, and assists in making the pension irrelevant.

To purchase your copy, visit here.

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