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We are a team of finance and consumer experts helping to rebuild the financial advice industry with a genuine consumer focus.

Adviser Ratings

Our Story

Our Vision

Empowering consumers to demand higher standards from their advisers and the industry, to ensure financial planners put the best interests of their clients first.

Our Mission

To make Adviser Ratings the most trusted place in Australia for consumers when finding or connecting with an adviser by providing an easy to understand, transparent online platform and to help the industry respond to consumers who demand something better.

Our Values

Transparency – information is power, we aim to bring disparate sources of information together so consumers can make better decisions.

Curiosity - always asking questions of ourselves, our consumers and the industry usually “how can it be better?”

Authenticity - In what we say and what we do by staying true to the mission, vision and values. Put simply we believe we work for the best interests of consumers in financial advice.

When it suits Having Fun— We get energy from not being too serious too often as some of the best ideas come in the light not the shade. If financial advice isn’t about having the funds to have fun when you are older what is it about?

Our Story

Angus and Chris, co founders of Adviser Ratings, met whilst working together at One Big Switch. There they were behind the scenes working on massive consumer switches where large numbers of people pooled their negotiating power in search of better offers.

Angus and Chris’ financial services and consumer empowerment backgrounds converge to create an opportunity to be at the forefront of changing the financial advice industry.

We are proud to present Adviser Ratings. It’s been said we can be to financial planners what TripAdvisor is to hotels. It’s more accurate to say we are part of the emerging collaborative consumption economy where technology and bright ideas bring those who need a financial service together with those who provide it at a better cost, in better ways and with greater transparency.