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Editorial General 29 Jan 2018

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Neil Evans is a platinum adviser with 77 client reviews at at average rating of 97%, Neil works at Quadrant Financial Planning in Wodonga, Victoria.

1. Best thing about being a financial adviser?

Being able to assist our clients and place them in a better position than what they were before seeking our advice. In some cases our help has been life changing for them.

Giving to those in need and being able to do so willingly.

2. One thing you would like to see improved or changed in the industry?

Greater transparency of fees in industry funds when compared to retail offerings and other competitor funds. Simplification of our legislative requirements while still meeting the needs of our clients and providing them with professional advice from suitably qualified professionals. Better recognition of those qualified to provide advice.

3. The areas on their finances or economy that worry your clients the most?

Unsure of where the world is going to be in the future with constant change, increased volatility, Countries such as China and the slowdown in their economy.

Do they have enough put away for when they retire and if not how can they improve their position in the time they have remaining?

How they can provide financial security for their children who they have genuine concerns about due to their lack of financial literacy.

4. What's the strangest question a client has ever asked you?

Client: Can I leave everything to my pets?

Me: Um, you mean what pets you may have at the time you pass on?

Client: Yes,  I don’t feel that my children are deserving of my money as they don’t come to visit me and only do when they need something and my pets love me unconditionally so I want to ensure they are looked after.

5. If you could get three things into consumers' heads about what advisers do or don't do what would they be?

a)      No question is silly or trivial so please ask it so that we can get you the answer or solution to it for you. 

b)      Yes we really are here for your benefit and we do want to make sure that you get proper, professional financial advice.

c)      No you don’t have to have a lot of money to come and see a Financial Adviser. It may be just as simple as asking about how to go about applying for a Centerlink payment of how do you go about putting a Will into place and whom to see about it.

6. How do you describe your job at BBQs?

I hope to meet people that wish to seek knowledge and advice that will allow them to make better choices in improving their current and future financial wellbeing. It’s then up to me to listen to them to ensure I map out a plan and path that will allow them to have the knowledge and support to do so.

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