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2018 Advice Landscape Infographic

2018 Advice Landscape Infographic

Here's a great infographic on the adviser landscape across the country...

Talking About Aged Care

Talking About Aged Care

Discussing aged care is a subject that many families tend to avoid, yet it can be a very positive lifestyle decision. It’s far better to understand the options before...

Are Australians Prepared for Retirement?

Are Australians Prepared for Retirement?

The much quoted figure, if you want to believe it, is that you need a million dollars or more to draw on once you have retired, but the amount a person “needs” to retire...

Brenton Tong

Top answer provided by:Brenton Tong

Ask an Adviser - UK Pensions and QROPS Changes

My parents have lived in Australia for 20+years and the whole time drawing a UK pension. Is it possible to transfer it out here? What do we need to be aware of when...

Adam Faulkner

Top answer provided by:Adam Faulkner

Ask an Adviser - Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) for...

Adviser Adam Faulkner looks at Reverse Mortgage and Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) for Aged Care.

Retirement Planning Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Retirement Planning Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

For those who have taken part in a marathon or other endurance sport, you’ll already know that to reach the finish line you need preparation, flexibility and...

David Nelson

Top answer provided by:David Nelson

Ask an Adviser - Care Allowance and Interim Retirement

My father is in Interim Retirement home on his last legs! He has $35,000 in a Term Investment. If he has less than $46,000 in his savings acct. (which he has) he no...

Half Of Pre-retirees Risk An Uncomfortable Retirement

Half Of Pre-retirees Risk An Uncomfortable Retirement

New research indicates that more than half of pre-retiree Australians (aged over 50) are on track to fall short of the level required to have a comfortable retirement....

Ursula Boorman

Top answer provided by:Ursula Boorman

Ask an Adviser - Aged Care and Asset Splitting

We are about to place my 95 year old mother into a home. Her home is worth over $2m due to location. There are 4 siblings. Can we transfer the house into our names or...

Is Superannuation Biased Against Women?

Is Superannuation Biased Against Women?

A recent report prepared by Per Capita in conjunction with the Australian Services Union (ASU), lead to headlines about how our superannuation system is selling women...

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